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Let's talk trash.

It's a terrible waste. If you’re under contract to a waste disposal and treatment hauler, you’re paying too much. Way too much. There are collection costs. Fluctuating fuel costs. Treatment and disposal costs. Surprise labor price escalation costs. It won’t help you improve your bottom line. Or minimize your facility’s carbon footprint. Or help you reduce the risk of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

Please. This may have been the status quo in the past. But it doesn’t have be business as usual anymore. Granted, waste disposal and treatment is necessary. The question is, at what price? Are you still willing to be held hostage by medical waste haulers?

Enter SteriMed.

Now there is a shredding and sterilization system that can be installed onsite to transform potentially toxic waste into harmless trash. Its footprint is minimal — about the size of a photocopier. And for peace of mind, consider this: the SteriMed System is approved in all 50 states.*

How does it work? Cost-effectively and efficiently. SteriMed machines actually grind up medical waste and then apply a benign chemical to disinfect it. Unlike the waste disposal and treatment service provider you now use, not a single fossil fuel is consumed. It's a process that takes a mere 15 minutes and anyone can be trained to use it.

*California, New Jersey and New Mexico pending