Please don’t
infect me.

On average, 7.3%
of adult patients
in 12 countries
acquired infections
during hospital
stays in 2010.

Take a giant leap forward.

It’s true. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Toxic waste disposal removes infectious waste streams from the healthcare setting. The result? The risk of healthcare-acquired infections can be virtually eliminated.

With SteriMed, toxic waste is disposed of onsite — and disposed of daily. Without storage of biohazardous material, there's no accumulation of environmental contaminates within the facility.

Waste from each patient is placed into the waste receiver that disinfects and destroys the waste within 15-20 minutes of its generation. This same-hour toxic waste disposal environment boosts the level of staff comfort concerning the medical waste storage room and overall infection control effectiveness. The result is a far healthier healthcare setting.

Trash bags

Toxic waste disposal:
ready to dump as
ordinary trash.